# [Dooiu:](https://dooiu.com/) A New Era Of Calls And Networking ## What is Dooiu? Welcome to Dooiu! Imagine a world where your time, knowledge, and networks turn into valuable assets. That's what we do. We’re a community-driven platform that makes it effortless to monetize these assets. > [!NOTE] > Dooiu is in closed beta. We're constantly adding new features, so while we aim for stability, you might encounter some issues as we fine-tune everything. Don't miss out! [Join us on Discord](https://discord.gg/bU72DhfRFY) and be a part of this exciting journey. Dooiu is here to empower community leaders and team builders. Our platform allows you to create revenue-sharing communities or marketplaces, bringing valuable opportunities to your members and turning shared knowledge and networks into benefits for everyone. - [[Unique Benefit (what makes it special for you)]] - [[Who It's For (We made it for you)]] ## How Dooiu Works ### For Team Leaders and Community Builders Picture yourself as a team leader or community builder, managing a group of talented individuals. With Dooiu, you can create revenue-sharing communities or marketplaces that bring incredible opportunities to your members. Empower your community to sell their time and knowledge while also consuming services from others within the network. If you are an Organization check our [[Partners]] section. Here’s how Dooiu makes it happen: - [[Monetizing Networks (How Dooiu helps you earn)]]: Your community members can earn money through video calls and sharing contacts. - [[Connecting People (How Dooiu brings you together)]]: Efficiently match community members to solve each other's problems. - [[Earning Potential (How you can benefit)]]: Monetize your group's collective knowledge and networks. ### For Individuals Are you looking to leverage your expertise? Dooiu connects you with those who need your knowledge, and you get paid for your time. Simple as that. - [[For Individuals (Perfect for you)]] ## Key Features Dooiu comes packed with features designed to make your experience seamless and rewarding. - [[Networking (Building connections)]] - [[Product Features (Unique features)]] - [[Pricing Models (Flexible costs for you)]] - [[User Experience]] - [[Problem Solving (Helping you solve issues)]] - [[Algorithm-driven AI (Smart technology for you)]] ## Go To Market Our goal is to connect you with the right people and opportunities, creating value for everyone involved. - [[Go To Market Strategy (B2B)]] - [[Partnerships (Collaborating with you)]] - [[Use Case (Real-world examples)]] - [[Services (What we offer)]] ## The Problem Dooiu Solves Ever struggled to find the right connections? Dooiu bridges that gap by connecting you with the right people. - [[Pain Points (Challenges we address)]] - [[Networking Challenges (Connecting made easy)]] ## The Market We’re stepping into a dynamic and fragmented market with a unique approach that stands out. - [[Competitive Landscape (Market overview)]] - [[Competitors (Who else is out there)]] - [[Specific Competitors (Our main rivals)]] ## Business Model Curious about how we keep the lights on? Here’s the scoop: - [[Revenue Model (How we make money)]] - [[Value Proposition (Why it’s valuable for you)]] - [[Revenue Sharing Community (Profit-sharing with partners)]] - [[Revenue Split (How we divide the earnings)]] ## Target Audience Who benefits from Dooiu? Just about everyone! - [[User Segments (Who it's for)]] - [[For Partners (Ideal organizations)]] - [[For Individuals (Perfect for you)]] - [[Service Providers (Experts we attract)]] ## Customer Acquisition Our strategy to grow our user base is multifaceted and robust. - [[User Acquisition (How we find users)]] - [[Referral Program]] - [[Targeted Marketing]] ## Competitive Advantage Why choose Dooiu over others? Here’s why: - [[Differentiation (What sets us apart)]] - [[Technological Advantage (Our tech edge)]] - [[Product Features (Unique features)]] ## Leadership & Team Meet the brilliant minds behind Dooiu. - [[Leadership (Our leaders)]] - [[Executive Advisory Board (Our advisors)]] - [[Team Strength (Our team's power)]] ## Market Expansion Discover where we are now and where we’re headed. - [[Location (Where we are)]] - [[Growth Opportunities (Where we’re growing)]] - [[Current Markets (Our focus areas)]] - [[Future Market (Aiming for the USA)]] ## Long-term Vision and Future Outlook Dive into our long-term vision and goals. - [[Future Outlook (Our long-term goals)]] - [[Market Leadership (Leading the way)]] - [[Geographic Expansion (Going worldwide)]] Don't miss out! [Join us on Discord](https://discord.gg/bU72DhfRFY) and be a part of this exciting journey.