# [Dooiu:](https://dooiu.com/) A New Era Of Calls And Networking ## What is Dooiu? Dooiu is a revolutionary calling and networking platform that makes it easy to monetize your time, contact networks, and communities. With a user-friendly interface and innovative features, Dooiu helps people and communities connect through calls and video calls for advice, support, problem-solving, and knowledge sharing. It's as simple as finding what you want to buy on Uber Eats or Rappi, making it easy to find and talk to the right person to solve any problem you have. > [!NOTE] > Just a heads-up: the app is in a close beta, so it may not be immediately available, also we're constantly adding new features to improve your experience. While we aim for stability, you might encounter issues as we fine-tune everything. - [[Unique Benefit (what makes it special for you)]]: How Dooiu revolutionizes the way people connect and monetize their time and networks - [[Who It's For (we made it for you)]]: Dooiu's target users, including individuals, communities, and organizations ## How Dooiu Works - [[Monetizing Networks (How Dooiu helps you earn)]]: How Dooiu enables users to earn money through video calls and contact sharing - [[Connecting People (How Dooiu brings you together)]]: How Dooiu efficiently matches people who can solve each other's problems - [[Earning Potential (How you can benefit)]]: How individuals can monetize their knowledge and networks through Dooiu ## Key Features - [[Product Features (Unique features)]]: Comprehensive list of Dooiu's features and functionalities - [[Networking (Building connections)]]: Robust networking features offered by Dooiu - [[Pricing Models (Flexible costs for you)]]: Flexible pricing models for providers and consumers - [[User Experience]]: Dooiu's simple and intuitive user interface - [[Problem Solving (Helping you solve issues)]]: How Dooiu solves disconnection and difficulty in capitalizing on individual value - [[Algorithm-driven AI (Smart technology for you)]]: How Dooiu's AI sets it apart from competitors ## Go To Market - [[Go To Market Strategy (For Businesses)]]: Dooiu's go-to-market approach for businesses and communities - [[Partnerships (Collaborating with you)]]: How Dooiu enables marketplaces for businesses and communities - [[Use Case (Real-world examples)]]: Example of how a university partnership can create a tailored marketplace for alumni - [[Services (What we offer)]]: Services offered through university partnerships ## The Problem Dooiu Solves - [[Pain Points (Challenges we address)]]: The problems Dooiu aims to solve - [[Networking Challenges (Connecting made easy)]]: Obstacles people face when seeking advice or problem-solving connections ## The Market - [[Competitive Landscape (Market overview)]]: Overview of the current market and its fragmentation - [[Competitors (Who else is out there)]]: Various types of competitors in the market - [[Specific Competitors (Our main rivals)]]: Key competitors and their offerings ## Business Model - [[Revenue Model (How we make money)]]: Dooiu's B2B2C business model - [[Value Proposition (Why it’s valuable for you)]]: How Dooiu drives financial value for everyone involved - [[Revenue Sharing (Profit-sharing with partners)]]: Dooiu's profit-sharing model with partners - [[Revenue Split (How we divide the earnings)]]: Breakdown of the revenue split in different scenarios ## Target Audience - [[User Segments (Who it's for)]]: Detailed breakdown of Dooiu's target audience - [[For Partners (Ideal organizations)]]: Organizations, communities, and groups Dooiu targets - [[For Individuals (Perfect for you)]]: Individual users seeking to monetize their time and knowledge - [[Service Providers (Experts we attract)]]: Individuals, professionals, and experts Dooiu aims to attract ## Customer Acquisition - [[User Acquisition (How we find users)]]: Dooiu's customer acquisition strategy - [[Referral Program]]: Referral program driven by the revenue-sharing model - [[Targeted Marketing]]: Dooiu's direct outreach efforts to professionals and experts ## Competitive Advantage - [[Differentiation (What sets us apart)]]: Dooiu's competitive advantages - [[Technological Advantage (Our tech edge)]]: How Dooiu's AI gives it an edge - [[Product Features (Unique features)]]: Features that differentiate Dooiu from competitors ## Leadership & Team - [[Leadership (Our leaders)]]: Background and expertise of the Co-Founders, CTO, and CSO - [[Executive Advisory Board (Our advisors)]]: Overview of the advisory board members and their expertise - [[Team Strength (Our team's power)]]: How the interdisciplinary team's diverse skills and experiences contribute to Dooiu's success ## Market Expansion - [[Location (Where we are)]]: Dooiu's headquarters and operating locations - [[Growth Opportunities (Where we’re growing)]]: Dooiu's plans for market expansion and growth - [[Current Markets (Our focus areas)]]: Countries Dooiu is currently focusing on - [[Future Market (Aiming for the USA)]]: Dooiu's long-term target market, the United States ## Long-term Vision Future Outlook - [[Future Outlook (Our long-term goals)]]: Dooiu's long-term vision and goals - [[Market Leadership (Leading the way)]]: Aspiration to become a leading global platform - [[Geographic Expansion (Going worldwide)]]: Plans to expand to key regions worldwide Don't forget to [join us on Discord](https://discord.gg/bU72DhfRFY)